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Each night, at precisely 11:11, Janis Bower is wrenched from her own reality and plunged into a terrifying world of screaming voices and nightmarish imagery, a world where an unspeakable creature is hunting for her. Emerging from these fugues with no memory of what she’s done, Janis discovers that the visions are linked to her childhood. With the help of her twin brother, James—whose memory of their abusive parents is somehow more dependable than her own—she begins to unravel a mystery that began more than twenty years before, drawing closer to a truth so horrifying that even her own sanity is called into doubt. She is forced to confront the traumas of her past—the memories of a failed exorcism and a ghostly childhood presence that has never really gone away—and the certainty that she will do something terrible to her own child if she can’t stop the fugues.

PLEASE NOTE: This copy will be signed and dated by the author.


SKU: ISBN-978-1514108291S
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