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(Stories-Volume One)

A young boy, standing before his bedroom mirror at the stroke of midnight, on the verge of discovering a terrifying truth; a slouching, ravenous beast, confined to an attic prison, determined to escape; a woman alone in her home during a raging storm, cursed with a gift of premonition; a man on his own in a hospital waiting room, where the darkest secrets of life and death are about to be revealed . . .

These are the horrors that visit us in the dead of night, the terrors that crouch at the back of our darkened closets or in the pit of shadows underneath our beds. These are the feelings of helplessness and fear that ripple our flesh and quicken our heartbeats. They come to us in our most vulnerable moments, when our defenses are at their weakest, and when we least expect them. They come during THE DEAD HOURS.


SKU: ISBN978-1517508210
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