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Ten miles off the New England coast, the Isles of Shoals have fascinated historians and geologists for hundreds of years. Surrounded by treacherous underwater ledges and unpredictable currents, the grouping of nine tiny islands is rich in folklore and mythology.  But the Shoals also hold a deadly secret. Something has come to roost there, a force neither living nor dead, a power without conscience or remorse. And now, three hundred years after its first awakening, as a line of lethal tropical storms marches steadily up the eastern seaboard, it is about to rise again.
Feeding on weakness and desperation, and fueled by the fury of the natural elements, its power can already be felt on the mainland, as it begins to draw a handful of unwilling, unknowing victims to the Shoals, searching for the perfect human host . . .

PLEASE NOTE: This copy will be hand-signed and dated by the author.


SKU: ISBN-978-1508844556S
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