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Free Fiction


From time to time, I like to offer what I have come to call "Free Fiction."  The idea is simple enough: short stories for visitors to the page to enjoy at their leisure and--as the title implies--at no cost.  But the idea behind the idea is a bit more complicated.   Allow me to elaborate.


Each of these stories will be entirely new at the time I post it here.  It will be exclusive to the online community, available only to visitors to this website and to those who visit my Facebook page.  But it will not be posted in immediately form. These stories (well . . . novellas, really) will be posted in daily sections, unfolding and evolving as I create them.  


It's an interesting and exciting way to examine the process of putting a story together, and creates a fascinating dialogue between writer and reader, as feedback and comments can be instantly incorporated into the ongoing work.  Previous stories in the Free Fiction series have worked out beautifully, and have proven this crazy experiment to be successful.  I hope you'll join me here on this page when the next story begins.


PLEASE NOTE: For my own protection, and the protection of my work, I must state here that all content of this site in general and the Free Fiction stories in particular are the creative property of the author and hold the following copyright: © 2015 Brad J. Boucher.  Nuff said.




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