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Brad's Book Store

Well, I always wanted to own my own book store (and a record store, but that's an entirely different story), and here we are!  Each of the titles below is available for purchase in trade paperback in a variety of different formats.   You can buy the standard edition that you could get from other online retailers, or you can buy a signed copy, both for the same price.  Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can pick out a shiny new copy of one of my Limited Editions, which are explained in greater detail HERE .  As always, no matter what choices you make, I offer a FLAT RATE shipping fee of $2.99, no matter how many titles you order.  That's right!  The postage charge will not change for any additional books in your order, if shipping within the continental USA!  (International customers: due to the high cost of overseas postage, I ask that you please e-mail me for a freight quote before placing your order.  Thank you!)  So pull up a chair and give your mouse a little exercise, and see what Brad's Book Store might have on display today.

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