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Rants, Ramblings & Random Thoughts . . .

Hey there.  You've probably noticed that the background of this page is brighter and more visually appealing than the images that populate the backgrounds of most (if not all) of the other pages on this site.  In fact, I'd go so far as to say it's downright beautiful.  And while it would be easy to blame some cheerful, well-meaning hacker for this variance, I'm pleased to report there is a very good reason for it, one that I'm hopeful you'll embrace and want to explore.  Simply put, this is the page on my website that is generally taken far less seriously and given a much longer leash than any of the others.  Why? Well, because as anyone who has read my work will already understand, I have a habit of finding humor in even the deepest, darkest places.  This doesn't mean I don't take my fiction seriously; I most certainly do.  But in all of my books, I have taken the time to include Forewords, Author's Notes and the occasional Afterword, in which I take great pains to maintain a certain . . . oh, I don't know . . . looseness maybe?  


A more casual approach? 


In that spirit, I have decided—after several endless seconds of deep, cleansing thought—I would truly like to include an area of this site where I can enjoy the same sense of freedom, humor and madness which drives me to write the things I write. Here you will find strange ideas, sarcastic rants, bizarre photographs, and maybe, JUST MAYBE (as they say in all the best and worst melodramatic films) a bit of truth and humanity.  It is not an uncommon thing to find some deeper meaning or greater truth in some of my wilder ramblings, and I hope you will tune in often to try to uncover them.  


Chances are, they're in there somewhere or other . . .

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